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ABAeCARE is a national company that enriches the lives of individuals with autism or other unique behavioral and learning needs through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and virtual technology. ABA is a proven, scientifically-validated methodology that uses positive reinforcement to develop the social, academic, self-help and behavioral skills needed for success. Through our in-person and telehealth services, we empower you and your family to access compassionate, world-class care — virtually everywhere.


ABAeCARE offers in-center, in-home, in-school and telehealth services. Our in-person services are available in multiple locations across the U.S., and our telehealth options are available from the convenience of your home.

and Assessments

ABA Therapy and Consultation

Parent Resources
and Webinars

Social Skills Groups: Make Friends and Connections

Special Education

Virtual ABA Services

ABAeCARE Benefits

By offering our flexible services through in-center, in-home,
in-school as well as virtually, ABAeCARE provides these benefits:

  • Increased access to therapy and services
  • Accessible anywhere and everywhere
  • Maximize services and outcomes of care
  • Maintain continuity of medically necessary services
    environmental factors impede in-person therapy


We Can Help 

Social Skill Challenges

Communication& Language Delays

Problem Behaviors

Inflexibility with Changes

Our outstanding team is here to help you and your family.
Please contact our Intake Specialists at 1-866-569-7395.

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